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Dry Eye Treatment with Harper's Point Eye Associates

The doctors at our Dry Eye Center are committed to the treatment of dry eyes, blepharitis, and related disorders of the surface of the eye. Dr. Kirstein and Dr. Zelczak are members of the Ocular Surface Society of Optometry and lecture nationally on the medical management of dry eye.

What Is Chronic Dry Eye?

Katoconjunctivitis sicca, also known as Dry Eye Syndrome is a medical condition that can result from the eyes reduced ability to produce tears. About 3.2 million women in the United States have Chronic Dry Eye; however, many more Americans, including men, don’t know they have it.

What causes Chronic Dry Eye?

Research has shown that Chronic Dry Eye can be the result of a functional problem in the tear-producing glands of the eyes. This not only reduces tear production, but creates an insufficient amount of tears to lubricate or nourish the eye.

It’s important to remember that while environmental factors can further aggravate Chronic Dry Eye, they are not the cause. One cause of Chronic Dry Eye can be the body’s reduced ability to produce tears.

We can help

If you think you may have Chronic Dry Eye, or Dry Eye Syndrome, make an appointment to arrange for a dry eye evaluation.