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Glaucoma Treatment at Harper's Point Eye Associates

Glaucoma Service at Harper's Point Eye Associates offers comprehensive consultations and long-term care for all forms of glaucoma, including medical, laser, and surgical treatment. We utilize computerized optic disc nerve fiber layer and visual field analysis available using state-of-the art perimetry. Our state of the art electronic medical records system allows our doctors to immediately access your test data from any point in our office. Dynamic Contour Tonometry, which is considered to be the most precise method of eye pressure measurement, is the standard in our practice. Such tests can lead to early treatment before obvious vision problems materialize.

The Glaucoma and Diabetes Eye Institute at Harper's Point Eye Associates is recognized as a regional center for glaucoma research and management where many area eye doctors refer their patients for glaucoma care.

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Glaucoma is a group of diseases characterized by increased pressure inside the eye. If left untreated, it causes blindness through permanent damage to the optic nerve. Sometimes glaucoma is called a "thief in the night" because there are often no symptoms until damage has been done. Diagnosis involves measurement of eye pressure, visual field testing, optic nerve imaging and direct observation of the optic nerve. The treatment for early glaucoma is usually eye drops, which lower eye pressure. More serious types of glaucoma may require surgery.

Dr. Kirstein has and continues to conduct glaucoma research. He is the glaucoma research coordinator for Ziemer Ophthalmology, AG, Switzerland.

 A scene as it might be viewed by a person with Glaucoma: