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Cataract Treatment at Harper's Point Eye Associates

Cataract surgery is often recommended when the lens of one or more of your eyes has lost its transparency and your vision has become cloudy.

Our skilled surgeons, Dr. David M. Schneider and Dr. Ralph R. Lim are leaders in the field of cataract surgery. They have completed thousands of advanced eye surgeries, including no-stitch cataract surgery. When performing cataract surgery, they use premium intraocular lens implants (IOL’s), such as the multifocal ReStor and ReZoom, and the accommodating Crystalens.

This is not an unusual condition and the odds of developing cataracts increases with age. Our eye surgeons can perform cataract surgery on an outpatient basis with minimal discomfort. The overall success rate for cataract surgery is more than 90 percent.

Our doctors solve your problem by removing your damaged lens and permanently implanting a new plastic lens.

During the surgery, our doctors will:

  • Put you under local anesthesia
  • Dilate your pupils
  • Remove the clouded lens
  • Implant a new, clear artificial lens

You will be asked to wear an eye patch for several hours after your surgery is completed to help protect your new lens. Once you have removed the eye patch your vision should improve and your eye should heal in one to four weeks. You are advised to avoid contact sports during your recovery time.

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